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Tributes to one of metals true giants @KerrangMagazine have just a few from some of his nearest - https://t.co/0L8FhCpiG0 - RIP Phil Taylor.
- Sunday Nov 15 - 1:19pm

You're a raging metal head...you love your sounds hard, heavy and full of angst... Need we say more - http://t.co/PISvJEP43A
- Sunday Aug 2 - 10:39am

Here @dead_threads we have become obsessed with Never Shout Nevers Black Cat Visualiser it's trippingly terrific - http://t.co/n7cf0ABfQN
- Sunday Aug 2 - 10:30am

We don't want your candyass excuses, it's time to stand up and be counted! - http://t.co/eicswioGNR
- Wednesday Jun 10 - 4:07pm

Euro Rocks Mr Alt! All The Dead Gear & Every Idea! - A killer idea from the freaks and fiends @AttitudeHolland - http://t.co/mRjlWxHTCL :)
- Thursday Jun 4 - 7:29pm

Mr Mo!

We all know what time it is, it’s time for all you metal maniacs to grow even more facial adornments than you already have – it’s MOVEMBER!

However, for all of those members of the so called fairer sex (it’s open to debate we know) why not score your kids, your nieces, nephews, husbands or hunks – Mr Mo!

In collaboration with Movember, this killer new addition to the Mr Men series has been penned by none other than Adam Hargreaves to raise awareness and money for Men’s Health issues.

Sixty shiny pennies of each copy sold will be donated to Movember.

Mr Mo!

Just to give you the full heads up, here’s what’s happening with Mr Mo…if you’r sitting comfortably we’ll begin…

The story follows Mr Mo, one of the nicest and most helpful residents in all of Nonsenseland. Then one day he visits the barber for his regular snip, and falls fast asleep in the chair. When he wakes he discovers his moustache is long gone – and so too are his manners.

All of Nonsenseland is thrown off kilter, but as Mr Mo’s moustache starts to grow back, the balance is restored.

Sounds like a hairy nightmare, it’s a classic and all for a fantastic cause so c’mon get your moustache muller out of your pocket and snag Mr Mo!

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