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Tributes to one of metals true giants @KerrangMagazine have just a few from some of his nearest - https://t.co/0L8FhCpiG0 - RIP Phil Taylor.
- Sunday Nov 15 - 1:19pm

You're a raging metal head...you love your sounds hard, heavy and full of angst... Need we say more - http://t.co/PISvJEP43A
- Sunday Aug 2 - 10:39am

Here @dead_threads we have become obsessed with Never Shout Nevers Black Cat Visualiser it's trippingly terrific - http://t.co/n7cf0ABfQN
- Sunday Aug 2 - 10:30am

We don't want your candyass excuses, it's time to stand up and be counted! - http://t.co/eicswioGNR
- Wednesday Jun 10 - 4:07pm

Euro Rocks Mr Alt! All The Dead Gear & Every Idea! - A killer idea from the freaks and fiends @AttitudeHolland - http://t.co/mRjlWxHTCL :)
- Thursday Jun 4 - 7:29pm


Well, we never say we know everything and here’s a new one on us! Plus, what an extremely worrying (we don’t know why) name…

We bring you – SNUTTOCK

Snuttock is the duo of Bryan Lee and Christopher Lee Simmonds (also a founding member of Thought Industry).


Eerily concocting dark synth pop these depraved alchemists, twist together the darker side of synthpop with industrial rhythms not to mention a heady lacing of ambient interludes to produce a haunting electronic ether.

Maybe not as aggressive as some industrial hoards but Snuttock have that feel that they know something that you don’t…you really SHOULD…but you don’t…

Chilling but hypnotically addictive.

Check out Snuttock and snag their latest on iTunes or Amazon

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